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More Arnold from Queen's Temple Publications

More titles have been added to a growing list of Arnold works obtainable from Queen's Temple Publications
15 Mallard Drive
Bucks, MK18 1 GJ

These are:

QT57 Hobson's Choice Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano
QT59 The Early Piano Music

QT61 Wind Quintet Op.2
QT62 Two Sketches for oboe and piano
QT63 Suite Bourgeoise for flute, oboe and piano
QT64 Fantasy for flute and guitar
QT65 Fantasy for flute and clarinet
QT66 Sonata (1942) for flute and piano
QT67 Phantasy for string quartet
QT68 Solitaire for flute and piano
QT69 Overture for wind octet

QT71 Grand Fantasia for flute, trumpet and piano

QT72 Songs from the incidental music to "Purple Dust"

QT73 Piano Music Vol.2 inc. the Flamenco from "The Captain's Paradise"

QT76 Beauty Haunts The Woods for voice and piano

QT78 The Peacock in the Zoo - song for voice and piano

QT87 Ragtime for 2 pianos

Reminder of the earlier titles:

QT25 Divertimento for two clarinets
QT41 Beauty Haunts the Woods at Night for voice, clarinet and piano
QT42 Dream City for wind quintet
QT43 Scherzetto for clarinet and piano
QT44 Three Fantasies for piano

Other titles in preparation include:

Two Part Songs

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