Homage to the Queen

Luke Jennings, The Observer, Sunday June 11 2006

"The evening closed with Homage to the Queen. In neo-Elizabethan spirit, this is divided, like a masque, into four sections, representing earth, water, fire and air. With much of the 1952 choreography lost, Monica Mason invited David Bintley, Michael Corder and Christopher Wheeldon (all ex-company dancers) to rechoreograph a section each. The result is set to a lush score by Malcolm Arnold .. 

David Bintley's Earth is a dreamily idyllic suite, glinting with sensual flecks of gold; Water, by Corder, ripples into long streams of turns; Wheeldon's Fire literally crackles and blazes; and, finally, Air (by Ashton) wafts the piece to its conclusion".

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