London Premier of Northern Ballet Theartre's Three Musketeers June 5-10 2006

Following their successful 2007 UK Spring tour, including Edinburgh, Sheffield, Norwich, Manchester and Belfast, the Northern Ballet Theatre gave the London premiere of The Three Musketeers on 5 June at Sadlers Wells. Playing to enthusiastic audiences, the NBT gave a series of brilliant and spectacular  performances of The Three Musketeers in their  London season.

Charlotte Kasner: Postings Pages -“The so-called ‘English style’ is usually reserved for Ashton and considered to embody a reserve and delicacy of execution. In all the current searching for a definition on Englishness in society, it can surely be seen to be embodied in aspects of culture, none more so than those so often drawn upon by Northern Ballet: English literature, English music and a robustness and excitement in the dancing that is only rarely glimpsed at Covent Garden these days.
Three Musketeers is no exception. Granted a French tale, but nothing could be more English than Malcolm Arnold's music and the verve exhibited by every last member of the Company echoed the ballet-mania of the '40's and '50's when English ballet reigned supreme. “

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