The Three Musketeers – Northern Ballet Theatre
The Mail on Sunday - 22 October 2006

… by dint of its sheer energy and lavish spectacle, the Three Musketeers bubbles along. There’s a marvellously exuberant and tuneful score drawn from the music of Sir Malcolm Arnold (who sadly died aged 84 on the day of the premiere), backdrops by Charles Cusick Smith and costumes by David Nixon that would grace any West End stage. Some dazzling ball scenes and splendid duels contribute to the fun …

There are some vivid solo performances: Patrick Howells make a puppyish D’Artagnan and Keiko Amemori is a sweetly simpering Constance; Victoria Sibson snarls like Bette Davis as Milday de Winter and Christopher Hinton-Lewis has plenty of  presence as the Duke of Buckingham.

…the effusive applause left one in no doubt The Three Musketeers had scored a palpable hit.

Rupert Christiansen

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